AT&T Email Support

How AT&T Email Support Helps To Introduce Latest Features

AT&T email users sometimes got bored with the old features. They know that, facilities of using old features are very limited. That's why they tend to use of latest features. But most of the users want guidance regarding usage process. AT&T experts can feel their problem. So they arrange AT&T email support number for instant communication. By using this number, users will receive instant guidance, tips from the experts. AT&T email users won't have to face any type of restriction during calling. Technicians are very concerned about the users' security. These new features are very safe. Users' privacy will remain safe.

  • Some software are free for users

Users can use some software without paying any charge from their AT&T email account. They will receive AT&T tool bar, instant messenger and parental controls.

  • Find people from "People search results".

ATT technicians advice the users always, to find the people from the list they should use this feature. By using this, users will be able to show the numbers of mails are coming from the same person. Thus they can able to track the number of mails and keep them for future use without any interruption. Users can able to search particular name or contact through this search option.

  • Now  get "mail notifications"

Through this new option, users will receive the notification of particular mail even they are not in the mail tab. To get this feature, users can turn on the settings window. If the users keep open AT&T email open in browser tab then they will receive all notifications. Users will receive notification if they use Safari or Chrome or Firefox. If the users want some instant advice they can dial AT&T email support number.

  • Get introduced with Messenger in Mail

AT&T technicians claim that through this feature, users can able to send photos through Messenger in Mail (MIM) option. It is a fast communication. Users can move the settings of the messenger from the main mail settings and users can use it individually as messenger. They will be notified with the highlight of the new message.

  • Users can get latest news through great content

By using this feature, users will be updated about the latest news, updates from stocks, sports, climate and many more.

AT&T technicians always want to assist the users so they make the AT&T email support number toll free. Technicians are available for 24x7 hour basis. Technicians always maintain the service quality and users' privacy.