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How Would You Know If You Need Braces?How Would You Know If You Need Braces?

White, even teeth are often aligned with beauty and health. If your teeth are not aligned well naturally, you may want to use braces either for cosmetic or for medical reasons. How would you know if you have to visit braces clinic? Here are some simple steps.


Are your teeth crooked or crowded?

Crooked or crowded teeth are known as malocclusions. Some of the warning signs are teeth which look sitting sideways, overlap one another and which protrude father than the nearby teeth.


Look for the gap between teeth

Crowding is not the only problem. If you have small teeth, missing teeth, or wide gaps between them, it could impair the overall work of your jaw and bite force. Spacing is yet another reason to get braces.


Can you bite well?

Your teeth must fit together when biting down. If space is large between lower and upper teeth, or if lower or upper teeth protrude past the other teeth, you may have issue in biting which should be fixed with braces. 


Know how bite problems may cause trouble

When bite is not aligned well, you may have decaying food particles and plaque buildup between and on the teeth. The decaying food and plaque can cause gingivitis, periodontal disease, abscesses, and even loss of tooth. So, cleaning and brushing teeth becomes painful and poor.


Find out whether your food is stuck in the teeth

If food is stuck in your teeth every now and then, it can accumulate the bacteria and can cause tooth decay and gum diseases. This way, braces can fill the gaps or empty pockets in between teeth which can trap food leftovers and bacteria.


Does your breath smell?

Even after flossing and brushing your teeth well, if your breath is smelling constantly, it is a sign that bacteria are getting accumulated between your crowded or crooked teeth. So, you need to fix them quickly.