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Bitfoundation is a website about bitcoin, bitcoin news bitcoin price, bitcoin wallets, bitcoin mining, bitcoin trading, bitcoin games and tutorials on how to earn bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital currency created and stored electronically. It is decentralize meaning – no one controls it, there are no middle man, so banks can’t control anything. It isn’t printed in paper, like dollars or euros – It is produced by people using computer hardware using software that solves mathematical problems, transferable electronically without trace of any transaction.

How To Earn Bitcoins

Earning bitcoin is easy.  You don't have to buy some because it is given for free by websites owners.  All you have to do is visit their site ans solve the captcha and you will be given free bitcoin satoshis.

Bitcoin Faucets - These are the sites that give free bitcoin.  Here are Top 10 of the highest paying bitcoin faucets and are stable.


Earning Bitcoins While Playing - Some game sites award their members with bitcoin satoshi while playing their game.  This is a great way to earn free bitcoin satoshi.