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Interior decorating ideas for when money s tight

The one downside to buying a new home is that you rarely have much left over for interior decorating. Since we tend to do most of our decorating when money is tight, here are a few tips.

Spend the most money for the right things

There are a lot of things you can go cheap on. Then there are a few things were you should absolutely spend more. You definitely don’t want a cheap mattress or a cheap sofa since those are things that need to be comfortable and they are going to be getting a lot of use. When it comes to artwork or other accessories, carefully select a few statement pieces to spend the bulk of your money on and fill in the rest with less expensive pieces.

Don’t be afraid of thrift stores

If you are one of those people who feel icky about buying things that used to belong to someone else, learn to let it go. There is nothing inherently wrong with shopping at second-hand stores. Though you will come across a lot of junk, there will be the occasional find that makes it all worth it. Older furniture is often built to be more durable so it is entirely possible that something you find in a thrift store or antique shop could be of higher quality than something you can buy brand new and for a lot less money.

Multi-use items

Multi-use furniture like sofas that convert into beds or oversized ottomans that also function as storage space are a great way to save money because for the price of one piece of furniture you get something that is actually two or three things. Instead of picking which furniture to get and which to go without for a while, you can get everything you need up front and then gradually replace it piece-by-piece as you save up enough for single-function furniture.

Watch for good deals

For big ticket items like flat screen TVs or major appliances, be patient and wait for the right deals to come along. National holidays are often great times to purchase big ticket items. Ask store employees when they usually get the next year s inventory and you can get a really good deal on a floor model that has absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Create and display your own art

High quality art work is what sets apart a home from a dorm room. Unfortunately, high quality artwork is often the most expensive part of decorating. If you are at least somewhat artistic you can produce your own art that you would be proud to display in your home.

Inexpensive improvements that make a big difference

Some expensive home upgrades are barely noticeable while other less expensive upgrades completely transform a space. Painting an accent wall, buying a large but inexpensive area rug, or installing baseboard radiator covers are simple projects that make a big difference but without a big price tag.

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