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What Should I Look for In Maternity Underwear?

When you are buying maternity underwear, there are some things you will want to think about:

• How high you want them to go: you can get underwear that climbs over your belly if you want, but you can also get bass that goes under your belly. For me, low pilots are the best choice because some days I didn't want anything to touch my stomach. In addition, the bass riders leave much fewer panty lines. But many women prefer the high hills that cover their belly.

• Notice the size: not only do you have to consider your current size, but you also have to calculate how many weeks you still have to go and how much weight you could potentially win during that time. Some women earn a lot more than 35 pounds while pregnant-I've known some who have won 60 pounds. If you're underweight, to start, or you're expecting twins, you could really win a lot.

• Bring what makes you comfortable: if you don't want to go to the granny panty route, there are a lot of fashionable maternity women's underwear out there. Choose the underwear that makes you feel good about yourself, whether they are fashionable or just super comfortable. You are doing a lot of hard work-you should not emphasize your underwear.