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Pinghu Haoxin Plastic Co., Ltd

Pinghu Haoxin Plastic Co., Ltd, founded in may 2009, is Cosmetic Containers Manufacturers integrating production, processing, developing new products and sales. Company has strong production capacity, owns 20 injection molding machines, 7 semi-automatic and 9 full-automatic bottle blowing machines, 1 ASB-70DPHV4 injection-stretch-blow machine, 1 ASB-12N-6 injection-drawing-blowing machine, 1 Systex WIB-50 injection blow machine, single-color and two-color, a total of 5 full-automatic and 10 silkscreen printing machine, thermal transfer printing machine, gilding press, labeller, advanced hardware facilities, with annual production capacity of cosmetic containers of 80 million sets. Company has passed ISO9001 certification since December, 2009.

Company personnel distribution: 5 technicians, 150 operators, 12 administrative staff.

The company registered capital is RMB 500 million yuan, registration place is Dushangang Town, Pinghu.

1.How long can we get the feedbacks after we send the inquiry?

We will reply to you within 12hours in working days.

2.Are you a direct manufacturer or trading company?

We have 2 factories, 2 dustfree injection molding workshops, 1 dustfree bottle blowing workshop, 2 dustfree printing workshops, 1 dustfree ASB workshop, 2 dustfrss composing rooms, 1 dustfree full workshop. Meanwhile we have our own international trading department, we market our own products.

3.What are the mainly application areas of your product? (What product can you offer?)

Hair care: regenerating cream, conditioner/essential oil, shampoo, atomizing, etc. Skin care: liquid face wash, genifique, essence, essential oil, lotion, cream, facial mask, remover, etc. Cosmetic: BB cream, lipstick, nail polish, etc.


Pinghu Haoxin Plastic CO.,Ltd.

Add:No. 1, Suizhong Road, Dushan'gang Town, Pinghu (314204),Zhejiang ,China(P.R.C).

Tel: +86-17621785088


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E-mail: emmakan@erion.cn

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