Relationship between Father and Mother


The Father is the  head  of the family, and as a result he has several responsibilities. He  has several responsibilities.

He takes care of the financial  needs of his family, such needs include feeding, clothing, shelter, payment of school fees among others.

He also trains his children, encouraging them to develop good character and become responsible members of society.

Children in turn, assist in the domestic work, in addition to running errands before and after school for their Fathers and Mothers. Such  include cleaning the home and washing the plates and pots.






The Importance of Friendship

Cultivate good friendship that will have mutually beneficial goals. Friends do things together. They walk, plan, study, play and eat together.
Friendship results in development, growth and progress in society. It enables people to understand each other morally.Attributes of Friendship
1) A good friend displays kindness.
2)Such an individual is not self centered and selfish.
3)He/She is trustworthy
4)He/She is honest and reliable.
5)Friends are tolerant.
6)They are helpful in times of need.


The Benefits of Obidience

Obedience means to do what our parents and guardians driect us to do, to follow instructions, submission to authority and to obey the rules and regulations of the school and community.

When the Teacher gives instructions, it must be obeyed. Also, an individual must be attentive when teching is in progress.Children must always be obedient at home and school. We must obey our Parents, Teachers and other elderly people.
1) Obedience improves an all facets of an individual's life.
2)Everyone is happy.
It prevents rancour, conflict and other difficult situations.
4)It promotes peace, unity and love.


A sign of good upbringing

Respect is to be humble, gentle in behaviour, to give honour to whom it is due and have regard for others.

EldersElders are people who are older in age than others, they could be relations or no relations at home or in public life. In the Nigerian context, depending on the tribal persuasion, ways of showing respect to elders differs from one tribe to the other, in some tribes the male prostrates, while the female kneels down to greet.
Elders include :
1) Our parents 2)Our Brothers and Sisiters
3)Our Teachers and Superiors at work 4) Other people who are older than us.
Respect For Elders
1)Greeting our Parents in the morning and at other times of the day at home and greeting our Teahcers at school.
2) Obeying our Parents, Teachers and other elders.
3)Listen to advice from elders.
4)Vacate a seat for an elder in any public place.
5)Assist elders in whatever you notice they engage in.
6)Carry out home chores, perform assigned duties at school and at work.
7)Make use of respectful choice of words in discussion sessions with elders.