Cyteis Help

Getting started

Topic Description
Cyteis Navigation Navigate Cyteis through:
  • Searching
  • Browsing
  • Explore Map
  • Subscription
  • Other ways
Registration and Login
  • Registering and login
  • Changing password or profile
Shopping Cart
  • Placing an order
  • Order steps
  • Viewing historical orders


Creating and manging your site

Topic Description
Popular Questions
  • General Q&A
  • Technical Q&A
Create or Edit a site
  • Creating a site
  • Editing a site
Editing a page using Visual Page Editor
  • Editing page content
File Manager
  • Uploading
  • Files and folders
  • Searching for files
E-Commerce (for site owners) Demo: Link
  • Managing products
  • Integration with a page
  • Order workflow
  • Browsing order history
Manage Access Rights
  • Adding and removing user access
Site statistics
  • Viewing site statistics
Data Storage Buckets Demo: Link
  • Adding a bucket
  • Importing CSV data
  • Integrating it within a page
  • Browsing and searching the bucket

Designing and coding your site

Topic Description
Tutorial site 1: Beginners Demo: Link
  • Creating a website or a page
  • Creating, importing and editing sections
  • Changing a Layout of a page
  • Working with images, tables and hyperlinks
Tutorial site 2: Styling Demo: Link
  • Change the Layout
  • Working with CSS and styling
  • Using the Header section for CSS style
Tutorial site 3: Style sheets and Javascript (requires coding) Demo: Link
  • Uploading a CSS stylesheet and referencing that in the page
  • Creating a Form
  • Processing the form with JavaScript
Querying bucket from webpage (requires coding) Demo: Link
  • Querying from Page

Video tutorials




s shankar 23/03/18:
how to delete a website that i create .. because i have to create a new one,.. in same name
edward alan 31/10/17:
Kiddire Eric 26/05/17:
Dear friend , I try to create a new site but you show "error occurred " words only what should i do, to make it.