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In this tutorial we will be creating a fictitious site. This tutorial is specifically for the new joiners and particularly those unfamiliar with traditional web development. First of all, you will need to create your website - the tutorial Create or Edit a site demonstrates how to do this. When you create a website, you'd be asked about the page settings, including the template. A template is a pre-designed page with a certain layout, style and sections. After saving the settings, you would land on the Page Editor page.
This page explains how to edit your page using the Page Editor in a simple and a visual way without requiring any coding. If you click on the content of your page, a floating toolbar will appear:

The section below describes the purpose of the toolbar buttons. An overview of the other options available from this page are also described below.
  1. Toolbar and editing the page
  2. Website Options

Toolbar and editing the page

To edit the content of any part of the page, just highlight the text and overwrite it with the new content. You can also use the toolbar to style the page in many ways.

Here is the description of the toolbar buttons:
  1. Cut 
  2. Copy
  3. Paste
  4. Paste as Plain Text
  5. Paste From Word
  6. Undo
  7. Redo
  8. Find
  9. Replace
  10. Select All
  11. Bold
  12. Italic
  13. Underline
  14. Strike Through
  15. Subscript
  16. Subscript
  17. Remove Format
  18. Insert/Remove Numbered List
  19. Insert/Remove Bulleted List
  20. Decrease Indent
  21. Increase Indent
  22. Block Quote
  23. Create Div Container
  24. Align Left
  25. Centre
  26. Align Right
  27. Justify
  28. Text direction from left to right
  29. Text direction from right to left
  30. Set language
  31. Link
  32. Unlink
  33. Anchor
  34. Image
  35. Flash
  36. Table
  37. Insert Horizontal Line
  38. Insert Special Character
  39. Insert Page Break for Printing
  40. IFrame
  41. Data Storage Form
  42. Shopping Cart Form
  43. Form
  44. Checkbox
  45. Radio Button
  46. Text Field
  47. Textarea
  48. Selection Field
  49. Button
  50. Image Button
  51. Hidden Field
  52. Styles
  53. Format
  54. Font
  55. Font Size
  56. Text Colour
  57. Background Colour
  58. Show Blocks

Website Options

On the right-hand side of the page, you will also see:
This allows you to carry out actions on the page:
  • Save and Publish - Update the content of the page and publish it
  • View Page - View the page in a new tab
  • Edit Design & Code (Advanced) - Edit the page as described here
  • Add a New Page - Add a new page
  • Edit Page Settings - Edit the page
  • Export Page - Export the code of the page