Cyteis Navigation

Cyteis Help

This tutorial will cover the various ways of navigating through the sites on Cyteis.

  1. Searching
  2. Browsing
  3. Explore Map
  4. Subscription
  5. Other ways


To Search across all of the sites on Cyteis, just enter your search query either on the Search bar in the Cyteis toolbar or in the Search section on the Main page.


In the Main page, you can restrict the browsing by Category, sub-category, country or city. By default, all of the websites are displayed. You can also click on A-Z to browse all of the websites.

Explore Map

You can also search for sites geographically. Simply enter the location (it can be a city, street name, zip code, etc.) and click on Explore. On this page, you can filter the results by sites, category and distance. You can also restrict the results further by description text.

The map can also be reached from a site's page by clicking on View {sitename} in map explorer under Geo.

To view further details about a site on the map, you can click on the pin to see its description:


If you want to follow a site and be notified of new pages, you can subscribe to a site by clicking on Subscribe whilst viewing a page of the website. You can also Unsubscribe from here once you have subscribed. The subscription sites will appear at the bottom of the Main page.

Other ways

Other ways to navigate Cyteis include:

  • Recommended pages - pages that match your interests.
  • Popular pages - pages that are trending.
  • Related pages - similar pages to the current page that you are viewing.