Manage Access Rights

From Cyteis Help

As your site grows, you may want to invite others to start contributing to it. Cyteis allows you to grant permissions of write and admin roles to other users. The following are the privilages associated with each access role:

Privilage Write Admin
Add, Edit or Delete a Page settings or content x x
Access the File Manager to control the site's files x x
View the site statistics x x
E-Commerce   x
Edit or Delete the Website   x
Manage Access Rights   x

To add an access role for a person, click on Manage site from the toolbar and then on Manage Access Rights under the website. Next, enter the username of the user along with the Permission role and then click on Add. The user permission will be added now and it will be effective when the user logs in the next time.

To delete a permission, click on the Delete text next to the username and the permission. The user permission will be removed now and it will be effective when that person logs in the next time.