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General Q&A

Why use Cyteis instead of an independent site for creating a website?

Not only does Cyteis allows you to create your own website for free easily, it also helps you to go viral and increase traffic to your website through Cyteis' many features, such as Related Pages or targetted recommendations from the Cyteis' home page. You can use the Visual Editor to create your site without coding but you can dive deep into the code at the same time.

You can also add shopping products and allows the viewers to shop directly from your site without requiring any setup. Not only that, you can collect, store and query the data in Data Bucket to create a web application.

Cyteis allows viewers to like, share and comment on your pages. In addition, it has lots of other functionalities such as Site Statistics, managing Access Rights and Map Explorer.

How does Cyteis compare to other similar service providers?

  • Other free website providers: There are other free website hosting providers too but many of them limit the usage either by number of pages, bandwidth, features or other measures, and then charge money for bigger websites. Unlike these providers, Cyteis is completely free. Also, they do not provide the other suite of services and tools that Cyteis provides, such as, those for attracting higher traffic.
  • Paid website providers: In addition to the fact that Cyteis is free, Cyteis also provides you tools for attracting more viewers, which prevents your site from remaning undiscovered and isolated. 
  • Socal media pages or blogs: The Social media pages do not provide the functionality to create rich webpages, such as by embedding unique styling or scripting. Generally speaking, the blogs are also difficult to extend to a fully-fledged website and the parent sites do not provide a strong connectivity to your page or blog.

How is Cyteis pronounced?
Cyteis is pronounced as "site is", as in, answer to the question, "what's the site?"

Technical Q&A

How should I link to my other pages?
After clicking on the Link button in the Editor, you should enter the link in the format: "/yoursite/yourpage"

How should I refer to static files in the Header that I've uploaded?
The external files can be referenced by the link such as "/files/yoursite/somefile.xyz" or "/files/yoursite/folder/subfolder/somefile.xyz"

How should I modify the CSS or styling of a template?
There are two way to modify the CSS or styling of a template: either override it in the Header section or provide a seperate stylesheet file with updates. To do this, go to the "Edit Design & Code (Advanced)" page and, for example, if you want to modify the template SimpleBnW and update the padding of template_bodyrightbottom to 50px then add the following code in the Header and then click on Save Header.

  #template_bodyrightbottom { padding-top:50px; }

Alternatively, you can copy the contents of the existing stylesheet (e.g. for this example: https://cyteis.com/files/templates/simplebnw1/style.css) and change the padding-top. You can reference this new file in the Header and click on Save Header:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/files/site/folder/newstyle.css">


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