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This tutorial will show you how to shop and place orders on Cyteis. Cyteis allows website owners to add shopping items and to integrate their products within their web pages. The display of shopping items is left for the owners to show, however, the order is added to the central Cyteis' shopping cart. This means that you can order items from different sites at the same time, without having to enter the same order information multiple times.

  1. Placing an order
  2. Order steps
  3. Viewing historical orders

Placing an order

If you are logged in and once you have clicked on the order button from a page, your item(s) will be added to the Cyteis cart and you will be shown the contents of the cart. For example, if you place the following order from the demo-shopping page, you should see it added to the cart as follows:


You can view the Cart page by clicking on Cart in the Cyteis toolbar:

You can continue adding more orders to the cart or proceed further by clicking on Order the cart. Upon doing this, you will be directed to the Order page, asking you to fill in your contact details: 

On this page, the payment type (whether Manual or External) is also visible. Please fill in the details ("Other comments" can be left blank) and click on Order the cart. You will then again be notified of the payment method and asked to carry out the order steps below.

Order steps

Currently, there are two payment methods: Manual or External. The website owners choose the payment system that they want to adopt for their site.

  • Manual: The owner will just be notified (and emailed) when you have placed an order. It is then up to the owner and you to arrange the payment and transaction.
  • External: There is a step-by-step interactive workflow between you and the seller. The steps of the workflow are detailed below.

For the websites with the Manual payment system, you will simply need to confirm the order by clicking on the Send the orders manually button . The owner will be notified (and emailed), and will contact you for the payment details.

However, by far the preferred approach is to use the External method, which allows you to pay via an External payment processor (such as, PayPal) and integrates the communication within Cyteis.

For the websites accepting External payment, you will need to click on the Ask Owners to confirm button instead. You can cancel the order too at this point by clicking on the Cancel all of the below sales. Once the seller has confirmed the order too, you will be asked to pay. After which, the seller will dispatch the order and then you will need to confirm receiving the order. For instance, this is how the Payment step looks:

The following is the complete workflow:

  Step Performed by Method Description
1 Add to cart Buyer Manual and External Buyer to add items to the cart
2 Order cart Buyer Manual and External Buyer to fill in the order form (i.e. address)
3 Confirm order Buyer Manual and External Confirmation from the buyer.
4 Owner confirmation Seller External only Seller to confirm that the order can be processed. The order can also be cancelled.
5 Confirm payment Buyer External only Buyer to pay for the order and confirm. The order can also be cancelled.
6 Confirm dispatching Seller External only Seller to dispatch the items.
7 Confirm receiving Buyer External only User to confirm receiving the items.

After the last step is complete, the order will be fully processed and will no longer be visible on the Cart page.

Viewing historical orders

To view the historical orders placed by you, please click on the Cart from the Cyteis toolbar and, in the Previous Orders Workflow, click on View History. The Order History page will enlist all of your previous orders.