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Travel with convenience through our Family Umrah Packages 2018

All the Muslims from different parts of the world like to travel to Makkah and Madina for Umrah. Everyone likes to perform the religious journey with exceptional commitment and religious zeal. Al Hijaz started its working long ago to provide the best Umrah services for the Muslim brothers and sisters in United Kingdom. Some people like to travel alone while others like to travel with family.

People who like to travel with their family can avail Family Umrah Packages 2018. These packages are designed to offer comfort to complete families traveling to Makkah and Madina for Umrah. There are plenty of travel agents which offer or claim to offer Hajj and Umrah services but all of them are not very reliable.  

According to the hadith of holy prophet (PBUH), holy journey removes the impurities and this journey is the perfect source for the soul purification. You must avail the packages which can offer complete peace of mind and you can focus on the worship. Keep in mind that the essence of prayers can be lost or disturbed if you get tired due to any issue in the arrangements. Trouble free journey is only possible if you opt for the right package which includes the flight tickets, hotels booking, transfers and other facilities. Al Hijaz team offers short term and long term packages according to the client choice and preference.   

Five star and four star packages offered by Al Hijaz are perfectly designed to give the best holy experience to all the pilgrims who travel with us. We make sure that all the troubles are removed from your way and you get the best journey which can keep you comfortable throughout the journey. Umrah and Hajj are the exceptional journeys for sure and Muslims in UK have a right to get the best packages which can offer them a reliable tour. People who travel with families are more conscious about the travel packages.

We make sure that the family Umrah packages 2018 offer the maximum comfort and convenience according to your will and requirement. We ensure the best services by focusing completely on the client requirements and never leave anything left till the end. All our packages are inclusive of the taxes and other amounts and we don’t keep anything hidden from the clients. If you want to get plenty of blessings with comfort, then opt for the packages from Al Hijaz tours and have a great journey.