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1800-863-5563 Computer hangs or freezes while browsing the internet with AOL Desktop

The users of the AOL might face some technical issues while using it such as ‘computer hangs or freezes while browsing the Internet with AOL Desktop’ and some other. Well, we are discussing the issue over here with the solution and providing the process of that with instructions. The users have to just follow the instruction as it is given in the process and if they face any error then no need to worry, they have another option to resolve the issue through AOL Email customer support +1-800-863-5563 where they will be assisted by our technicians.


We are providing some solution for the users if their computer hangs or freezes while browsing the internet using the AOL Desktop Software, the users are required to try the solutions which are listed below. The users have to check whether they can use AOL Desktop in a proper manner after trying the first solution. If the issue is still persisting, then they have to try another suggested option until the problem is fixed.

Information which is require for the users


Clear cookies, cache, history and footprints

It might be the main reason for the error as whenever the users visit to the websites or browsing the Internet some temporary internet files and cookies are normally stored in the computer to record the user’s return visit. These files might cause some errors such as slow internet speed or damage the system or hangs the system. At the same time the user’s history list might be one of the reason. The more history and more trouble users invite for them. The users are required to free some disk space by clearing the list.

Temporarily disable a firewall or configure McAfee

There might be a firewall which can causing error and preventing the users to connecting to AOL Desktop software the users have to temporarily disable their firewall and after that they have to check whether they are able to connect the Internet.

Power cycle the computer, modem, and any home networking equipment

The users are required to restart their system and all connected device and components to make it sure that they are responding in a proper manner.

As we have defined some the solutions which might be useful for the users as users are required to follow the steps as they are given above. In case they face any error while following the steps then they have not to worry as we have another option in the form of our tech support system where we will provide the support through AOL Email customer care number +1-800-863-5563 where our technicians will assist them in resolving the issues.

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