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Audi is a name synonymous with quality and predominant assembling - however where did this auto originate from and how, in its 101 year history, has it turned into the commended alternative for car choice that it is today?

Audi has starting points of existing since 1909 after August Horch was constrained out of auto producers Horch and set up a contending organization in Zwickau. This organization was initially called Horch Automobil-Werke GmbH yet after a trademark encroachment question with his past organization (Horch), the organization was renamed Audi Automobilwerke GmbH in 1910. Curiously, Audi is the Latin interpretation of the word, 'Horch', which would mean 'hear' in English.

The principal Audi auto at any point fabricated was a 2,612 cc, four chamber display, which turned out to be mainstream in donning occasions. In 1921, Audi turned into the main German auto maker of a creation auto, the Audi Type K - which was an enormous accomplishment for the organization. Audi additionally discharged a six chamber vehicle in 1924.

Following Horch's takeoff from Audi in 1920, Jorgen Rasmussen procured the greater part of Audi partakes in 1928. In 1932, Audi consented to converge with Horch, Wanderer and DJW to shape Auto Union. Inside this, they additionally made the main European auto that consolidated a six chamber motor with front-wheel drive. Car Union vehicles likewise included the trademark four rings that are available on Audi autos today. Audi Houston

Sadly, because of Germany's inclusion in World War II, the Auto Union plants were definitely modified to cook for military generation and were subsequently intensely besieged. These industrial facilities were later disassembled and Germany's Auto Union AG was sold. The previous Audi industrial facility in Zwickau restarted development of pre-war models in 1949.

Another Auto Union was propelled in Bavaria in 1949 and kept on creating two-stroke motor vehicles. There was, notwithstanding, no committed plant for compelling large scale manufacturing of vehicles. It was just in 1959 that the organization could develop a plant at the Ingolstadt site.

In 1969, Auto Union converged with NSU, a kindred German maker, who had some expertise in cruisers however went for littler autos. The new organization was known as Audi NSU Auto Union AG, considering Audi to be a different brand since pre-war period. Volkswagen later acquainted the USA with the Audio models in 1970.


The primary new auto was the Audi 100 of every 1968, later took after by the Audi 50 out of 1972, which would prompt an enormously effective world auto. Audi presented an execution auto in 1980, known as the Audi Quattro, which was an incredible accomplishment in arousing. Audi rapidly wound up known as a brand that knew how to create progresses in car innovation.


In 1985, the official name was abbreviated to Audi AG, as Auto Union and NSU were successfully dead, turning into the organization we now know today.


Audi deals developed quickly in the 2000s, with specific enthusiasm from Eastern Europe and this pattern is required to proceed further, with specific achievement got from the Audi A4 models. Volkswagen AG as of now holds more than 99% of the Audi AG share capital.


Today, with various 5 star surveys from even the most recognizing faultfinders, Audi is a relentless brand that speaks to exquisite however practical styling and a creature of a motor in each model.