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The School Routine

Last week I was startled out of my comfortable routine of regular timetabled duties and, in a rather last minute way, had to step into somebody’s place on a course / conference / residential (you decide, I don’t want to be specific).

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Now, a few days off from the routine of any job should be an excuse to celebrate, but instead I found myself in a state of panic, and headless chicken syndrome kicked in. Should I start by clearing my desk, shoving the stacks of folders into the cupboard, finding each class’s register, sorting out work for the cover teachers, marking all the work that had been lingering around for too long, or locking away all my important papers? I was on a time limit here, just a few hours to sort and prepare before the caretaker appeared menacingly, swinging his big bunch of keys and flicking his eyes to the watch on his fat wrist every few seconds.


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Data Buckets

Dashing around the room, and between the photocopier and stock cupboard, I felt like I was trapped in an episode of Changing Rooms, only this was Changing Teachers, and the only MDF in sight was Messy Desk Face-lift. But just like the show, I managed to have everything sorted by zero hour, except in place of a vase of flowers and pebble arrangement, I left a selection of chalk sticks that I knew I’d never see again, board rubber (ditto), and neat piles of papers bundled up in elastic bands and labelled with clear instructions.


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