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Usage of AVG removal tool for the uninstallation process

Suppose you desire to use the avg for protecting some other device then you have to first uninstall it and then reinstall it. Another reason which would force you to uninstall AVG internet security from your device is you may have problem while updating it. Once it gets uninstalled then the updated version could be installed easily on the device. The steps of uninstallation are very simple yet if you have any trouble following them, take the assistance of our help team. If you are in plan to reinstall the avg then its better that you use the removal tool for this process.

For starting the uninstallation process you have to download the Avg removal tool. In the website of avg you can find this tool. After you download it you have to run the downloaded file and then you will find the points of license agreement and privacy policy which you have to accept.Further you have click on ‘continue’. As soon as the downloaded file of removal tool is run, the tool will scan the computer and will find all the installed avg products.You will get a list of products of avg that is installed.You have tojust select the product you want to uninstall.

Once you select the product that you want to uninstall you will have to click on ‘remove’ to delete all those products.Finally, after following all these steps you will have to restart the computer. In case you get any security warning after restarting the computer then you have to click on run for completing the uninstallation process.Apart from the issue of uninstalling avg internet security there are many other issues which cause problem in its usage. You can contact our team members who would help you to resolve all such causes.