The kitchen faucet looks simple, but has many components and complex construction. In addition to focusing on basic functions Stamping Parts when purchasing, other details cannot be ignored.The faucet is first used to effluent, and the quality of the effluent directly determines whether a faucet is easy to use or not. A good bubbler can bring excellent water output, not only soft touch, but also effective water saving and splash prevention.

The surface treatment determines the life of the faucet. For example, chrome plating makes the surface of the faucet bright as a mirror. It is difficult to scratch when Garden Tap used for a long time. The poor treatment makes the surface uneven, sometimes there are traces of welding, and white spots are generated. Or yellow spots, causing peeling.

the company was founded in 1994, it is in National AAAAA class scenic area Music Support of xikou twon Ningbo City, convenient traffic, beautiful environment. Company existing staff 150 people, plant construction area of 5500 square meters, the new plant area of nearly 6000 square meters is being built. Enterprise by.