It is a comprehensive company integrating science, industry Door Mat Manufacturers and trade. The company is located in Sundun Industrial Park, Shaoxing City. The company was founded in 2010. It owns several dozens of high- and mid-level professional technicians in carpet weaving production lines, and has strong scientific and technological development capabilities.

Mainly engaged in the production of various types of Door Mats, bathroom China Door Mat Suppliers suites, sofa cushion orders, and always adhere to provide customers with low-margin, cost-effective products, to maximize the benefits to customers.

Shaoxing Meixin Carpet Co., Ltd. is a company Door Mat Suppliers that has been focusing on the development, design, and production of Door Mats for sale,As a China Door Mats Manufacturers and Door Mats Wholesalers. It mainly operates two pieces of international trade and cross-border e-commerce.