Industrial machinery, agricultural machinery,sports machinery;We applied ISO9001:2000 international quality o ring control system certification and certified, obtained the certificate of TS16949 and implemented KPI programs. Our sales Region include China, USA, Europe, Japan, South East Asia and other regions.

When rubber is used to make natural rubber, some non-rubber hydrocarbon components remain in viton o ring the solid natural rubber. In general solid natural rubber, non-rubber hydrocarbons account for 5% to 8%, as shown in Table 1-2. Rubber hydrocarbons account for 92% to 95%. 

We produce OEM and ODM on Oil Seal,Rubber Seal RingsO-ring, V-ring, Rubber Gaskets,Rubber Packing, Tensioner and all kinds rubber part of rubber products,used in automobile,motorcycle,ship and marine equipment.