Iphone Shotgun Video Microphones For Recording Without Complications

The USB Shotgun Video Microphones Condenser large diaphragms are useful for recordings of voices or instruments practically and with good results without having to rely on external audio interfaces. In this way, several advantages are achieved: simplicity in the utility and in the settings, aptitude for plug and play applications and reduction of the physical space to be used by dispensing with extra devices and cables.


Most USB Shotgun Video Microphones come prepared to work on both PC / Mac and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android no need to have cumbersome driver installations. iPhone Shotgun Video Microphone help to get high quality audio and easy to use. So, buy a cool things from amazon with lowest price.




C-1U is a large membrane condenser Shotgun Video Microphone that connects via USB and is ready to record, without the need for extra power. It is one of the options with the best quality / price ratio within the price range of this type of Shotgun Video Microphones. Its construction is solid and robust, and its simple use.


It includes its own clip to be able to attach it to a Shotgun Video Microphone stand, so it is oriented to be used in the home studio, although it is also perfectly compatible for other types of applications such as podcasts. Its frequency response is 40 Hz - 20000 Hz with an SPL of 136 dB.


LD Systems D 1013 C USB:

The D1013 CUSB is a universal condenser Shotgun Video Microphone with USB connector that does not need drivers, usable in both Windows and Mac. This is a simplified cardioids Shotgun Video Microphone without adjustable parameters and with no extra connection other than USB, with a frequency response indicated by The manufacturer from 30 Hz to 18000 Hz, which is also a multipurpose Shotgun Video Microphone, both for study and for other applications.


CAD Audio U37:

This is a large membrane USB condenser Shotgun Video Microphone with polar pattern compatible with MAC and Windows. It has a wide frequency response and is designed to be used as a Shotgun Video Microphone for podcasts and applications for multimedia presentations or YouTube.


The advantage of this Shotgun Video Microphone over those described above is that it has a PAD attenuator of -10 dB and a low pass filter to eliminate very low frequencies, both controls easily accessible from the same Shotgun Video Microphone. This is a great advantage to acoustic sound pressure such as electric guitar amplifiers.


IK Multimedia iRig MIC HD:

This is a Shotgun Video Microphone totally different from all those described above. In this case, its use is intended for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, for which it includes the Lightning cable) although it can also be used in MAC and PC. For this, it includes specific IK Multimedia software: iRig Recorder, VocaLive and AmpliTube.

It is a condenser Shotgun Video Microphone oriented to record voices, ready to sing. A good option if you are thinking of making mobile vocal recordings to deal with simple gestures on touch screens with the own software.


Audio Technical AT2020 USB:

Audio Technical is a very popular brand and a great reference in terms of sound quality. The AT2020 has become one of the best-known devices in terms of high-quality sound membrane condenser Shotgun Video Microphones at a reasonable cost, thanks to its frequency response of 20 - 20000 Hz and a maximum SPL of 144 dB.

A good option for podcasts, YouTube and recording multimedia presentations is compatible with iOS using the Apple Camera Connection Kit.


Apogee MIC 96K:

Apogee is a symbol of high fidelity sound. In this case it is a professional quality large membrane condenser Microphone built specifically for vocalists, speeches, broadcast and acoustic instruments.

The distinctive feature of this Shotgun Video Microphone is that the recordings can be made in high definition (96KHz and 24 bits) and that it has a studio quality preamp with 40 dB gain that can be adjusted with a potentiometer.


Blue Spark Digital USB:

The Spark Digital is a large membrane condenser Shotgun Video Microphone that offers both USB connectivity for Windows /MAC and connectivity for iOS devices. It is one of the best in stand-alone Microphones to make recordings of voices, podcasts, acoustic instruments, or practically any source of sound for multi-platform.