The Most Recommended Shotgun Video Microphones

Shotgun Microphones for cameras, we always need that what is being said is perfectly heard or get someone who listens to an audio to think that it is in that place, but that often does not happen, since the shotgun video microphones that we have are not the best to capture the sound, clear and without noise we need.

So that we will talk about the best Shotgun Video Microphones for cameras that are currently on the market to record without having to worry about any problem.


We started with the VideoMic, a professional barrel Shotgun Video Microphone that now has better protection against shocks and vibrations. Based on the latest technology from the film industry, VideoMic has been specifically designed as a Shotgun for high quality digital video cameras.

The Shotgun Video Microphone exhibits a low noise and amplitude in frequency range not usual for its size. It is ultra-light and solid thanks to its construction. Your best option if you want a great image to have a great sound.

The next on our list is the ideal Stereo Videomic if you want to record live music or external environmental sounds this is your Shotgun Video Microphone. It is ideal for use with video cameras, DSLR cameras and recorders for audio are the portable to use.

It has an integrated damper that provides insulation from external physical factors that can cause noise and vibrations in the shotgun video microphone.

We continue with the Video, a cannon shotgun designed for use with video cameras, high resolution cameras and portable audio recorders as the main and reference sound source.

An innovative suspension system provides insulation from external physical factors that can cause noise and vibrations in the Shotgun Video Microphone.

A robust, lightweight, flexible multi-wire cable provides less noise transfer than traditional audio cable while ensuring a high-definition signal, ideal for those recording at extreme sites.


The next one we have list of its camera microphone types. Robust, compact and versatile for great video sound, the MKE 400 is a small shotgun video microphone for cameras with mounting and input lighting systems for external Video Microphone.

It has sensitivity aids in the capture of long and short distances, what an optimal audio and with low noise.

It has up to 300 hours of operation with a single alkaline battery. The MKE 400 offers a simple solution for high quality audio and is well suited for professional video and consumer applications.


Finally we recommend the Audio Technica Pro24 CMF. If you work in outdoor productions, this is also one of the best you can find in the market. Lightweight and portable design with robust all-metal construction is also equipped with a sail boat, accessory shoe and spiral cable. The Shotgun Video Microphone is designed to either be used with its own battery or without a battery when used with video cameras that provide plug-in power to the video microphone input.

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