Blockchain Technology
The emergence of Blockchain Technology in 2019

History of blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology starts the journey back in 2008 when Satashi Nakamoto releases the white paper of bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first blockchain base payment system. The blockchain of bitcoin is also known as 1st Generation blockchain. Following the bitcoin Ethereum enter the market in 2013 with the concept of smart contracts technology. There are a large number of decentralized applications available on coinmarketcap that are built on Ethereum platform. Now we are entering into the 3rd generation blockchain with more scalability and interoperability. There are numerous blockchain applications available over the internet that are aiming to resolve the real world issues. There are some blockchain problems that need to be solved in 2019. Various companies are working to resolve the issue.

Cardano, AION, EOS, Zilliqa etc are working to make the blockchain more scalable. For  more tips and guides regarding blockchain technology please visit: