The Cyteis Blog

The official Cyteis blog.

What is Cyteis?

Cyteis is a free website building, hosting and sharing website. It allows users to create a website by using a GUI Editor (without requiring any coding) or by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript or libraries (such as JQuery or Bootstrap). It also has templates that can be used as a starting point on a page. With the idea of circulating and increasing traffic around the sites on Cyteis, it provides site recommendations to the viewers and has a mandatory Related pages section on every page of every site. It also provides search results across all of the sites on Cyteis and allows sites to be browsed by Categories or geographically on a Map.

Users can subscribe to websites, post comments (if enabled on the page) and shop using the shared Cyteis shopping cart (integrated natively with the websites). Cyteis provides file storage and data buckets (which are analogous to database storage). The data buckets can be queried on-the-fly from web pages to, for instance, process or modify the content of the page dynamically. It also provides an access control system for multiple owners of a website, Site Statistics and Page Export.


Welcome to the Cyteis blog. We will be posting posts here to keep you informed about Cyteis.