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The neck length should be 130mm from the upper end of the board to the top edge on the E-string side next to the heel.

Like any high-end craft, the successful creation of fine violinsHealth Fitness Articles, violas and fine cellos are all in the small but important details. Although, 8X8 ATV vehicles better than a specific number, to achieve the best neck angle, an angle gauge can be used. Variations on neck length can be made, for instance, to make up for a shorter stop with a slightly longer neck.. 27mm should be the top center height of the board at the bridge position. When it is complete, the mortise should be undersized so that the neck can’t yet fit into the body.

Before measuring and fitting the neck, the violinmaker must carve the mortise on the violin body. The mortise is then enlarged just enough for a tight fit with the neck.

The luthier knows that no violin body is going to be absolutely perfect.It anticipates the string height over the board, predicting the neck angle early in the fitting process.