Metalized film Manufacturers
Currently, cable materials can be generally classified into the following.

Metalized film Manufacturers

A cable is a wire that transfers power or information from one location to another. Currently, cable materials can be generally classified into the following.

The insulating layer is a member that acts as an electrical insulator on the outer layer of the conductor. That is, it is ensured that the transmitted current or electromagnetic wave travels only along the conductor without flowing to the outside, and the potential (the potential difference formed by the surrounding object, that is, the voltage) on the conductor cable insulation material can be isolated. Therefore, the insulation (layer) is an important component to ensure the normal transmission function of the conductor and to ensure the safety of external objects and people. The insulation of the wire and cable is made up of a layer of insulating material with a uniform thickness around the wire. Polyester film is one of the commonly used materials. The polyester film is used as a polyester cable insulation material Suppliers wrapping tape by slitting into different widths, and is wrapped as an insulating layer. The viscous flow property after heating is excellent, and it is an easily controlled thermoplastic material.


Polyester wrapping tape:
Uses and characteristics: This product is made of high-quality polyester film, which is mechanically cut. It has high mechanical strength, excellent insulation performance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. It is an ideal wrapping material. Mainly used for ZSFP, SFP, QSFP, ultra-fine coaxial cable insulation material Manufacturers cable, micro-coaxial MCC, for notebook computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA, high-frequency machine wiring, medical color B-ultrasound and other electronic equipment wire,flexible duct tape.