There are 2 ways to go to Edirne-cappadocia. You can either take the car yada bus up to istanbul and arrive at Newsehir airport by plane from here. Here we arrived at Cappadocia after a 1.45-way plane flight. We went to the cave hotel where we found the Mercedes vito vehicle with Goreme. Believe me, I got to open a separate pancake for the cave hotel. It was very beautiful to go inside and enter here in another world. It is a room with a cave and a natural ventilation system that is hot in summer and cool in winter. Everything for this wonderful morning breakfast was now prepared for private cappadocia tour. Though we ate lunch at the fast food restaurant. From here it is the Cappadocia open air museum and we were wondering, and how wonderful this cappadocia was. Hasan Dag, a former volcano that is very close to here, is active thousands of years ago thanks to Yanardağ. It is under protection as a museum. Tabiki cappadocia is located in central Anatolia and people have lived here thousands of years ago. Even the Christian religion has spread secretly here. The reason for this is that people are religious worshipers hidden from Roman soldiers. Also underground cities Demirkazık and Derinkuyu are underground cities, each of which is 7 floors. There are Cappadocia hidden cave churches outside the underground cities turkey tours


It is thought that about 5,000 people live in underground cities. In addition, the hidden cave church is the largest of the peribacılar used for the church. the dyes obtained from the root dyes used herein are used here. It is like the first day in all the paintings and dyes that emerged after the excavation and restoration made with hay. Of course it is not only root paint that does not spoil this much, At the same time cave weather temperature is cool in summer, but in winter it is hot, so the temperature of the environment is nice. Illustrations of the images of the angels of the Cross-shaped angels belonging to Christianity and pictures of the last meal depicted on the walls of the hidden cave churches of the Prophet Jesus and Mary. We had three fortresses over Pigen and Devrent valley. There we saw a wide variety of pigeon flights in the sky and we went directly from daily turkey tours here to the Fortress. The three fortresses are Cappadocia plain and steppe. The only high place is Uchisar. It is reached by stairs here. Here we saw the cappadocia balloon and the spectacular peribacalar, which circulate in the sky, and we had plenty of photographs of this moment and even shared it on social media and it was very appreciated. Ihlara velley is a ruin near Niğde. This is achieved by simply desce

DAY 2:

Ephesus is a very special city in the holiday region of Kusadasi and Bodrum are very close to holiday documents. During this excursion, the sea sand and the sun were very beautiful, completely after 2 days of Ephesus tour. Anyway here we went out for Ephesus tours first thing in the morning early here. From here, Ephesus is a city with its own unique ancient Greek and Roman empires and extremely magnificent structures. initially spreading a large area already entering this city. I express myself alone Ephesus ancient city has been excavated for about 20 years and this city has emerged. More than half of this ancient city of Ephesus will be excavated and a part of it will be revealed. The fact that it is such a big city is a trade city that bridges the largest continental Europe after Istanbul and Asia. Especially the goods coming with the camel daily istanbul tours caravans are loaded from here to the ports of the port and transported to different ports of Europe. Although Ephesus is now far from the sea, it is a port city in a real sense. An incredible Ephesus Antique city was built with the proceeds from the caravans and ships coming here. The smallest building made in this city is marble columns and sculptures, all of which are works of art in their own name.


Ephesus, on the other hand, is a magnificent work of art during each trip. On the right and left sides, both sides are decorated with the King statue.
This fountain has not met the need for the water of the upper reaches of the city of Ephesus for a long time Ephesus There are many fountains in the ancient city and thus Ephesus is welcomed. There are also toilets that people use together. While the ancient city of Ephesus is wandering, the Temples, which are the centers of the old pagan religions, are almost on every corner of Ephesus. There are many temples in the ancient city, especially Celcus Libray due to Pagan religion belief. It is located directly opposite the Palace and the Palace, where people use it as a house of love. The house of love is made up of many rooms and two storey pavilions. All the buildings built here are made of extremely beautiful stone workmanship. I think Ephesus is the most beautiful and magnificent building is Celcus Libray. Buddha was used as a memorial grave at the last time. There are 4 sculptures in front of the outside. The interior of this building, which is seen as 2 storeys from the front part, is made of one storey and has the maximum benefit from the day light for this reason. There is no natural reason why the last Ephesus is called the Celcus Libray, the symbol of the inn.


DAY 3:

I think cappadocia is the most beautiful holiday destination in Turkey. I even join the balloon tour here and the cappadocia tour on horse was incredible. Firstly we had a Newsehir airport and in the summer there is a very important holiday place where there are direct flights to Cappadocia. In winter, Kayseriye, the closest airport to CAPPADOCIA, has daily flights. We were in Newsehir after a nice plane flight with Turkish airlines in summer. Newsehir is not a very large airport only small and medium sized aircraft are flying here. After the passport check we had a large number of suitcases and there was a private party waiting for us. We met us at the meeting point with the sweep. From here we went to the Cave Hotel which is in the Urgup region with vip Mercedes car which takes 45 minutes by private vehicle. The CAVE hotel is a special boutique hotel daily cappadocia tours which is extremely gorgeous with history and culture. The hotel is extremely luxuriously decorated. There was a very spacious room as well as a bathroom and there was a very luxurious bathroom with a jacuzzi and a turkish bath. The cave hotel is described as a classic, there is a natural ventilation system that is hot in summer and cool in winter. Believe me, you do not even need a climate. SAbah is extremely
we had a nice after breakfast tour guide we waited in ENDER beyi hotel lobby and at the same time offered us apple tea.


We had preliminary preparations for a fabulous daily cappadocia tour and immediately went to the Cappadocia open air museum without losing time. In the direction of my intention, the trip we made with CAppadocia horse was very close to 2 hours. It is like a normal human being who lived in this land 1,000 years ago. I thought we were on the planet right now as soon as we stepped in here. We visited cappadocia on a horse about 7 km away, and on the upper side we had a very nice cappadocia balloon flying, and some of them flying very high, some flying very high. The cappadocia trip on this extremely beautiful tour of the world after the balloon tour is such a big surprise that I will never forget in my life that this was a celebration with champagne and a balloon flight document with us next to it. Here is the western city. Here, people who live in the vicinity of Cappadocia sheep are made livestock. These roots are made with wool obtained from sheep and lambs.
The obtained carpets and rugs made with natural organic yarns have very beautiful Turkish motifs and patterns. In addition, the leather obtained from the sheep and lamb obtained here extremely lightweight jackets and coats are made.