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Children played in the enclosure and around the sagebrush fire that night. Sem traduções Adicionar. O Glosbe usa cookies para garantir que obtenha a melhor experiência. Trails through the sagebrush and wagon trails—yes.

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The Portuguese delegation was led by Mr. The lists of the two delegations are enclosed at Annex 1 Bulgarian delegation and Annex 2 Portuguese delegation. The chairmen of the two delegations exchanged detailed information about the work after the First Session, the present state of joint activities and the prospects of further development of the economic, industrial, scientific and technological cooperation between the Republic of Portugal and the People's Republic of Bulgaria. The two parties noted with satisfaction the encouraging results in the field of economic cooperation achieved during the first year after signing of the Agreement: the contracts signed for technical assistance in tobacco growing and processing between the Portuguese company Tabakeira and the Bulgarian association Agrokomplekt; the assistence rendered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food-processing industry in providing the most favourable conditions for the cultivation of sunflower seeds and cotton in Portugal; the methodological assistance rendered by the Bulgarian specialists in the organization of Portuguese state and cooperative farms; the contracts signed and conditions provided for the repair of Bulgarian fishing and merchant vessels between the Portuguese shiprepairing plants Liznave and the Bulgarian enterprise Transimpex. The two sides expressed a view that the positive experience acquired in the field of economic cooperation in will serve as a starting point of its further development on a mutually advantageous basis. They recommended to the concerned industrial and commercial organizations to stir up their activities in view of making the maximum use of the favourable political and commercial relations between the two countries for the rapid growth of trade and of the economic and industrial cooperation. To this effect the parties deemed it reasonable to recommend to the respective enterprises and institutes to activate the exchange of information, visits of official representatives and of economic trade delegations and organization of exhibitions and symposia. On the basis of the progress made so far the two parties reviewed the projects and items of cooperation, specified in the Agreed Minute of the First Session and mapped out new fields of cooperation taking into consideration both the possibilities of the two countries and the interests of the business circles. To continue and expand cooperation between Liznave and Transimpex in the repair in Portugal of Bulgarian fishing trawlers and merchant vessels.

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É idealizadora do projeto Português é Válido. Professora da rede particular de ensino pré-vestibular e Ensino Médio. Também ensinou em cursos de idiomas e em escola internacional no Rio de Janeiro RJ. Almeida Reginaldo Soares Damasceno. Inglês Ensino Fundamental I. Pereira, Carolina de Jesus.

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