Tradução de ou de slots em inglês

Account Options Fazer login. Adicionar à lista de desejos. Looking for the best all-in-one casino in the world? Real people, cars, pets, gifts, gambling games and shows fill the dazzling street and vibrant casinos. Your avatar walks or drives around, sits at game tables, stands at the bar or watches the live band. Scratch-off lottery tickets and win instantly. Various types of wheel offers and mini games make each purchase exciting. Spin and win the way you want to with all your favorite slots and get massive jackpots! Enjoy the thrill of the authentic Las Vegas you can visit anytime from anywhere in the world.

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O Glosbe usa cookies para garantir que obtenha a melhor experiência. Jogos de Azar Reais. Mostrar traduções geradas por algoritmos. Exemplos Adicionar. You've never done any real gambling. Você nunca jogou para valer. Walter, this is a real gamble. Walter, isso é uma aposta de verdade. In fact, if you wanna try some real gamblingwe got a roulette wheel at the frat house.

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