Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Sign In. Edit 21 Showing all 50 items. Jump to: Character error 6 Continuity 15 Crew or equipment visible 1 Errors in geography 4 Factual errors 9 Miscellaneous 2 Plot holes 7 Revealing mistakes 5 Spoilers 1. Character error When Micky knows Cole Williams is pursuing him, why did he continue to go Las Vegas to win money and count cards? The amount of money that can be won, the casino rules of Black Jack and the mathematics of card counting are the same in other casinos located in Atlantic City, Reno, and other casinos located throughout America. Why didn't Ben keep his winnings in a safe deposit box? He can add more whenever he wants and it would be safe from everybody, particularly Micky. When Miles shows Ben the source code of the robot, Ben looks at them and immediately says this is very good.

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