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Feminism is a social and political movement that fights systems that create inequalities which underpin the strata related to women, fighting racism, class oppression and patriarchalism. Recently, many women sought internet as means of expression and claim, and through it they held campaigns of national and international impact, disseminating information using the hashtags meuamigosecreto mysecretsanta and meuprimeiroassédio myfirstharassmentthrough which women denounced situations of various types of harassment they have experienced. It was held a survey with women who took part in the meuamigosecreto campaign. The methodology used was quantitative and data were analyzed by structural equation models. The study showed a robust model with high explanatory value. The results indicate that the Attitude toward the behavior, Subjective Norm, and Perceived Behavioral Control positively influence in the Intention of Participation in online feminist movements, and that the Intention directly influences on effective Participation.


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