Stop making the eyes at me I'll stop making the eyes at you What it is that surprises me Is that I don't really want you to. And your shoulders are frozen cold as the night Oh, but you're an explosion you're dynamite Your name isn't Rio, but I don't care for sand Lighting the fuse might result in a bang, b-b-bang, go. I bet that you look good on the dancefloor I don't know if your looking for romance or I don't know what you're looking for I said I bet that you look good on the dancefloor Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from Well, from I wish you'd stop ignoring me Because you're sending me to despair Without a sound, yeah, you're calling me And I don't think it's very fair.


Os substantivos denominam todas as coisas: The course has been ever more disrupted and the river widened in places. From its basis in the Yarra Ranges, it flows kilometres west through the Yarra Valley which opens pasado into plains as it winds its way through Greater Melbourne before emptying into Hobsons Alcove in northernmost Port Phillip. De sua fonte nas Escalas de Yarra, flui quilômetros a oeste através do Vale de Yarra, que se abre para planícies, enquanto atravessa a Grande Melbourne antes de esvaziar a Baía de Hobsons, no norte de Port Phillip. O rio idade uma importante fonte de estímulo e local de encontro para os australianos indígenas desde a pré-história. Originally called Birrarung as a result of the Wurundjeri, the current name was mistranslated from another Wurundjeri term in the Boonwurrung language; Yarro-yarro, meaning ever-flowing.

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