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Is industrial Safety Diploma a Safe bet for Career Growth

Human life is full of risk and uncertainties but we always try to make our life easy and overcome of adverse situations. After the industrial revolution, the industries have the deepest impact on human life as we all are connected to Industries. Now, we cannot even imagine a life without Industries and almost half populations of the world is connected to industries. A huge industrial workforce by human and machines has a direct & indirect touch with the industrial processes and the general public is also indirectly affected by the industrial outcomes. Both industrial workers and public at large are always at risk of any industrial mishap or accident. Hence, the industrial safety courses are in demand since the human civilizations is witnessing the industrial revolution. If you are planning to pursue a career through industrial safety courses, it would be a safe bet indeed as the industrial safety course has many great opportunities to serve for making the human life even easier and work done on time.

Industrial concerns are of various categories; production related and service oriented. Production related Industries include Chemical Plants, Textiles, Paper Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Electrical Equipments Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Food Processing, Thermal Power Based Units, Heavy Machinery Producing Capital Goods Industries, Cement, Oil Refineries, and Automobiles etc. Service Industries include Packaging, Insurance and Financial services are included, Transportation, Tourism, Logistics, Banking etc. Various processes are carried out in both types of industrial undertakings during production process.

Diploma in Saftey

The students who want to be a professional in industrial safety field through Diploma in safety management, PG Diploma in safety management course can work to protection of people, property and environment by anticipating, developing hazard control designs, identifying and evaluating hazardous conditions and practices; methods, procedures and Programs. The students who want to get admission in Diploma in safety management course are expected to know the basics of Science and Technology including Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Computers, Engineering, Business, Mathematics, Insurance etc. It will help the students during the course. The in industrial safety professional are also responsible for Implementing administering and advising personnel on Hazard Control Programs, measuring, auditing and evaluating the effectiveness of hazard control Programs etc. The students who hunt a career in this field get handsome amount of salary as the field is lacking a huge shortage of trained professional. You can earn salaries and good designations in industrial safety. The students opting industrial safety as career can serve as any of the following:

  • Safety Officer
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Safety Warden
  • Safety Checker
  • Safety Instructor
  • Safety Auditor
  • Safety-in Charge
  • HSE assistant
  • Safety Engineers
  • HSE officers
  • Design Engineer fire protection
  • Estimation Engineer Fire protection
  • Fire Alarm Technician
  • Fire protection technician

Safety professionals are required at operational or plant level and policy level. They also have opportunity to work for maintenance and dissemination of safety information, updating the department with research & development in safety regulations, imparting training to personnel at different levels, codes, techniques, planning for waste management in consonance with the pollution control boards.

Many institutions in the country offer industrial safety courses for the students across the country. CCE UPES is one of the top institutes in India which offers PGP in Industrial Safety that is a 10 months program. The students at CCE UPES have great opportunity to work in manufacturing, IT companies, Oil & Gas, Airlines, consulting firms, audit agencies, Logistics, event / sports management, international research & HSE companies.