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An Education Initiative for Children…
It is rightly said by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Being educated is the one of the most significant aspects of a human being which he can boast of but as for as the stark reality goes, our country is thick with children whose eyes brim with dreams of going to school and learning to write their names. Keeping this in mind, the Children Education Program, CCL Technology Services Limited has come up with an initiative known as “GYAN KI TARANG ZIGYASA KE SANG” Which aims at educating the needy and the poor Children. CCL Technology Services Limited is focused on its mission to bring change in the life of every underprivileged child through education innovative healthcare and market focused social initiatives.
Under the project GOOGLE Program Centre Code.: U-390, GOOGLE ID Card No.: 9246*******6154, the CONCEPT OF COMPUTER LEARNING TECHNOLOGY SERVICES  representatives will provide free and necessary edification to children living in slum regions as well as the children who live in rural areas. We’ll also try and convince the people who restrict their children from going to school. We’ve planned to Noida, Allahabad, coming soon Delhi, Luck now, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and International Country Indonesia, Korea, Japan for the time being and Wish to spread our roots in the whole country in the world. Thus we request you to play a role in the enlightenment of these young minds hereby be the reason of someone’s Happiness, Healthy by pledging your support to CCL Technology Services Limited.
“Your Time is Limited…Stay Hungry Stay foolish”.
Thank you so much. All is well. All the Best.
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Born To Be Remembered

Radio Show

FM Rainbow India 102.6 Mhz.

Life is not an event..it is a continuous process..and those of us that understand find ourselves in awe.. Perpetually...
Celebrating each day of this process of life..
That is what we do at Born to be Remembered..we bring to you, people, like you and I..people, who through their thoughts and actions pushed the boundaries of Human Reality..proving time and again..throughout history.. That limitations apply only to the weak willed..
It is important to know your past.. To understand your present..
To know that the hardships you and I face were not unknown to those who paved the roads we walk on today.. 
To know ..if they had succumbed to the hardships they faced..we would probably be lighting fires with sticks..

BTBR pays homage to the unsung champions of the world..Whether it is an inventor who devise a way to supply free electricity to the world, or a social reformer who insisted on a widow being remarried,and fought for the rights of another. Maybe a sportsperson who battled insurmountable odds to come out on top.. Or a regular chai wala at your work place who saved the day :) BTBR brings to you few such people born on the day of broadcast. Broadcasting 7 days a week at 11:00 am on AIR Rainbow and 11:30 on AIR Gold.

FM Rainbow Channels:

1 Bangalore 101.3 
2 Chennai 107.1 
3 Coimbatore 103.0 
4 Cuttack 101.3 
5 Delhi 102.6 
6 Jalandhar 102.7 
7 Kodaikanal. 100.5 
8 Kolkata. 107.0 
9 Lucknow 100.7 
10 Mumbai 107.1 
11 Panaji. 105.4 
12 Tiruchirapalli 102.1


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