Basic issue that You May Face During Pregnancy

As an expecting Mother, do you want to know about the common pregnancy problems that you may experience during pregnancy period? These problem may result in Miscarriage, gestational diabetes, and preterm labor. Here is  a quick guide for pregnant mothers to the five  most common pregnancy complications.

  • Bleeding In The Gums: Your gums may face some pain and swelling when you brush your teeth.Sometime blood may come from your gums while doing brushing this due to hormonal changes in the body of pregnant lady. This issue sometime a indication of gum disease so visit your nearest gynecologist to overcome your problem.


  • Feeling Very Hot: You feel sweaty and too flushed due to change in hormone levels.It all happen due to  increase in the blood supply that increase your body heat, its normal to feel hot all the time it doesn't depend upon outside temperature.
  • Urinary Incontinence: When you are pregnant you may face urinary incontinence, you may have unwilling urine due to laugh at loud, cough and sneeze sometimes. This problem is very common for the pregnant person because when you are pregnant pelvic muscle begin to relax for impending birth due to that control over pelvic muscle is reduced. So you can call out doctor for treatment of your Urinary Incontinence problem.
  • Constipation: Constipation is the feeling that makes you very uncomfortable. To avoid constipation make sure that you drink more water daily. Just try to add more liquids to your daily diet you can consider fresh juices,milkshake,coffee drinks and soda etc.
  • Headache: You may experience mild headache in the first few weeks of pregnancy, while in some cases, it could also be quite severe. Even though they are a normal occurrence, headaches can be very uncomfortable.


So these are some problem that you face during your pregnancy so keeping this point in your mind you can overcome this problem or at least reduce the bad effect on your pregnancy. We all know Pregnancy problems are leading global killer.