5 Useful Tips For NATA 2019 Preparation

Many of the student's misconception among NATA is that if you draw well you can clear the NATA exams, but it will false. Though the sketching skill is an essential thing, because the questions in the main exam depend on the topics of light & shadow, memory drawing, scale & proportion and composing the 3D elements, etc., So you have to develop these skills are essential. For that, you need to have the training from one of the best nata coaching centres in chennai who will train you with the professional skills.















Here are the 5 useful tips for your NATA 2019 preparation:

1. Before going to write the NATA exam, you have to improve the creativity skill in your ways that is the nata coaching classes in chennai will train you to stimulate the creative ideas which are not conventional methods.


2. Then you have to understand which type of drawing skills are useful and which kind of skills are not valuable for the NATA exams in the short time otherwise you will lose your marks. So speed and accuracy are the most important thing while writing the exam.


3. For clearing the NATA 2019 exam, you need to go through all the previous question papers conducted by Council of Architecture. Try to solve at least past 10 years of questions and don’t forget to relax while solving the problems.


4. Be aware of the general awareness about the construction work around you, so you can have some ideas about the architecture field then read newspapers daily which will improve your observation power and also try to find out the news about architecture field. Definitely, the nata training centre in chennai motivates you to develop your architecture skill in this way.


5. Almost all those things, you have to draw with light hand first for outlining your design after finalizing the drawing then you can draw thoroughly. So you can save your time instead of redrawing and erasing the design.


Hope, the article will useful to you and never forget to plan your time well for NATA 2019 preparation.