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Experienced Workers looking to get a CSCS Card in Bolton

As a construction operator, you will be informed about the CSCS test, which is essential to get a CSCS card in the England area. CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme which is a primary requirement to get job openings near Bolton and beyond. CSCS Test is conducted by CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) and hence also called the CITB test.

What is the CSCS Test?

CSCS Test is all about examining your labour craft along with construction hazard management skills through Health and Safety test. If you pass the test you will be informed completely about Health, Safety, and Environment maintenance, along with the handling of hazardous substances, and construction area emergency cases, which prove to be essential, to work safely in a construction environment. Besides this, you will become eligible to get the CSCS card for Bolton, which serves your primary purpose of getting a job in that area.

Bolton is desperately looking out for the construction workers, who own CSCS Card Bolton for construction sites in their province.

In order to take up the test for CSCS card, mark the address of the test centres in Bolton.


Pearson Professional Centres Bolton 34 Queensbrook Bolton Technology Exchange Bolton BL1 4AY

Address Directions

The CSCS Test Centre is located close to the town centre off Spa Road, 300 yards on the right from its junction with Moor Lane.

The landmark serves to be a steeple church and motorcycle shop at that junction. Watch for the Bolton Technology Exchange sign at the site entrance. You will find the CSCS Test Centre first, on the right within that complex.

Nature of the Test

CSCS Health, Safety and Environment test is classified into the following sections. The divisions are distinguished based on the kind of questions in that sector. The divisions are being:

1) General Knowledge Questions on Health and Safety Issues: 38

2) Questions related to Case Studies describing how to behave safely on site: 12

The test is made of 50 multiple choice questions with a cumulative time of test being 45 minutes.

How to book the CSCS Test Bolton?

Construction Helpline is a pioneer in assisting you with booking for the CSCS Test Bolton. It helps you book for an individual or for a group of people who are looking out to take the test for CSCS Card Bolton.

To avail this service, you can reach on telephone number 0207 199 9800.

Studying the appropriate content and clearing the CSCS test Bolton on your own would turn out to be tiresome.  Construction Helpline, with experience and expertise, has come up with the revision material and sample test questions which are proven to aid the test takers, in the past. To avail these services, you can book online.

From booking the CSCS Test Bolton to clearing it, Construction Helpline has it all. We await a query from your side to extend our support.