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Zhejiang Jinxia New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, has Shanghai Jinxia, Jiaxing Jinxu two subsidiaries, located in Tongyuan town Haiyan county Zhejiang provence, which is inside the Shanghai economic zone.

Our company since long time has focused on the researching, developing and sales of differentiated chemical fibers with an annual producing capacity of 30,000 tons. Our products are dope dyed polyester multifilament yarns FDY 30D-1000D and DTY 50D-600D, and as well monofilament yarns 15D-60D. We are recognized and renowned for our hi-tech functional yarns, such as “dope dyed negative oxygen ion polyester yarn”, “dope dyed fine denier cooling polyester yarn”, “dope dyed fancy multi-color polyester yarn” , " dope dyed fire retardant polyester yarn”etc. Our products are widely applied in textile fabrics, embroidery, label, decoration, braid, jacquard, knitting, home textile, clothes, shoes, hat, carpet, curtain, scarf, bag, towel, gloves, socks, etc.


 This type of carbohydrate can be stored in the body and it can be used alter as a source of energy or for the digestive process when broken down. Disaccharides are double atom components that consist of two atoms of saccharides. One good example is glucose. 

Eating simple carbohydrates is great if you are up for a fast 100 meter dash and wish to get an instant source of energy to carry you to the finish line.  The table sugar, corn syrup, candy and chocolates are all good examples of simple carbohydrates. I is quickly transformed into energy and used up by the body or stored as fat and it won’t be long before you long for another dose of simple carb meal.  

These are complex molecules that are made of three distinct types-the monosaccharides which is a single saccharides element or the simplest form of carbohydrate. Basically, diet carb are classified into simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Complex carb are also a steadier source of glucose for the body. If you have been guilty of splurging on chocolates or cakes then this would definitely sound familiar to you. But if you are living the normal mundane lifestyle that requires a steadier flow of glucose into the bloodstream then simple carb would not as good for this purpose.If you are trying to lose weight and wish to know more about diet carb, it is good to get to know the different types of diet carb and how they differs from one class to another. Examples would be sucrose and lactose. This is a more complex form of sugar and needs to be broken down into glucose before it can be absorbed by the body.

When glucose is taken in its raw form, it does not require much effort or any effort at all to be Doped dyed polyester yarns Manufacturers absorbed by the body to be turned into energy.  Consuming complex carb results in longer periods of satiety so you don’t feel the hunger pangs too fast after each meal. Unfortunately most of these food items have been processed into refined food items which strip off its natural nutrition. 

Simple Diet Carb
Simple diet carb are those found in cakes and cookies, pudding, pastries and milk. Refined foods are classified in this type of carbohydrates as well. Polysaccharides are the most complex form of saccharides and consist of starch and fiber. 

Complex Diet Carb
Complex diet carb are those found in abundance in nature and has the highest source nutrient and vitamins required by the human body Examples of complex carbohydrates would be rice bran, wheat germ, oatmeal and corn.


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