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Terms and conditions

This page covers the Terms and Conditions for using the Cyteis website, owned by Cyteis Limited. We have written our terms and conditions in plain English, so please make sure that you read them. 

Updated: 16th of May, 2017.

Your website's content: You are free to create your website as you like and post content that you want but you MUST NOT:
  1. Use this website in any way to intent to harm, harrass, hack, phish, fraud, spam or scam anyone.
  2. Post something that you do not have the copyright ownership for (or have permission to publish it from the copyright owner)
  3. Break the law by posting something that could result in a criminal offence
  4. Post something that we consider defamatory, inciting criminal activities or grossly inappropriate or offensive (this is at our discretion)
  5. Publish pronographic material
  6. Impersonate another company or person(s)
  7. Do something that seriously impacts the integrity, reputation, service or the performance of Cyteis (such as, DoS attack or malicious script)
  8. Deliberately remove, hide or make unclear the Advertising or 'Related Pages' sections from your website
  9. Use Cyteis mainly as a file-storage or file-sharing website as this is against its purpose. 
  10. Post any scripts (such as JavaScript) or libraries, or reference the ones from an external provider, unless you have validated them to be unmalicious and abiding by the rules above.
The above rules also include redirection from this website to another website or your reference or usage of content from other websites (such as images, stylesheets, etc).

Complaints and takedown: If you believe that a website is in violation of any of the rules listed above, please report it to us and we will investigate this. If a violation is found then we may work with the author to find a solution or take off the content permanently.

Copyright and IP: Your content is yours and you continue to retain your copyright ownership. However, we may use the information for analytics and providing better services to Cyteis' users (such as user recommendation or targeted advertisement).

Privacy: We take your privacy very seriously. We store sensitive information (such as password) in an encrypted form. We do not share your personal information with third parties. We only use an external third-party service for: 1) Retrieval of latitude and longitude and displaying your website/business address in Map Explorer 2) Rendering some charts of your site's visits statistics. Please note that we use an encrypted SSL connection throughout our website.

Limitations and Liabilities: Whilst we will endeavour to provide a robust, uninterrupted and fault-free service, we do not guarantee that our services will always be available or fully functional. We will not be liable to any losses that you might suffer as a result of this, such as due to unavalability, performance degradation or loss of data. Our services are provided on an "as is" basis and are subject to change. We reserve the right to withdraw elements of the service or any content within it and we will not be liable to any losses that you might suffer as a result of this.

We reserve the right to modify the Term & Conditions. If you use our services then you must agree to our Terms and Conditions provided above.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions and we will be happy to answer.