Dan Castellini:

Success from a Multi-Unit Liberty Tax Franchisee

into Becoming a Franchise Coach


Corporate starts set the Stage for success:

Over the next 5 years, Dan worked himself through the ranks landing him as a Youth Market Manager. In this % year mark, Dan started to want something more and desired to get into a position where he could begin to see the inner functions of a company and how each part made it all run.

Daniel soon found a position with the Scotts - Wonder Grow Business and was named Regional Sales Manager. Again, working himself through the ranks during 5 years, he presumed the position of Key Accounts Supervisor. This position allowed Dan access to the CEO, creating sales teams, mergers as well as the process of layoffs. Watching this occur, as soon as again got Dan's mind looking at his and his family's future. Seeing individuals laid off simply as their preparing to retire, and additionally losing their 401K to the stock exchange triggered quite a desire to leave this profession path and find a new one. One that Dan Castellini ultimately had control of, where he would be generating income for his household and future.

Liberty Tax Franchisee: How it All Begun

Dan came across a short article about investing and in that short article was an ad for buying a Liberty Tax Service franchise. While reading the Liberty Tax article, Dan began to remember some crucial points in a book he read "Money Flow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki, and it had actually discussed franchising. More intrigued now, Dan Castellini decided he would see and make a call exactly what Liberty Tax Service had to offer him.

He was able to satisfy some existing Liberty Tax Service franchisees and tour some franchise locations and get a great feel for the daily operations of a Tax operation. Daniel had a follow-up phone call with his specialist and they went over the chances Liberty Tax Service had and the possibility of opening multiple places, which Dan had not even thought about however fit his desire to be a company owner and not self-employed.


Expanding the business by Entrusting:

In January of 2004, Dan's very first Liberty Tax Service place opened. Daniel Castellini was still working his business job so he needed to hire a manager to manage the everyday operations, as he was not able to be present other than popping in on the weekends and speaking over the phone with his supervisor throughout the week.

Dan's very first year was a terrific professional success so then the next year he opened 3 more Liberty Tax Service places. This enabled him to grow from 4 Liberty Tax Service workplaces to 16 Liberty Tax Service workplaces over the next couple of years.

Freedom from the everyday permitted time for brand-new endeavors:

In the middle of his Liberty Tax success, Dan began to become aware of other franchise chances and started to purchase other brand names in different markets simultaneously. Considering That his Liberty Tax operation was semi-absentee and Daniel had a management personnel running his locations, this allowed him the time to search for up and coming brand names.

Dan Castellini has actually owned 4 various expert franchise brand names, just recently selling his Liberty Tax Service places and continuing to move into a variety of various industries from healthcare to appeal. You can check out more about this on Dan Castellini's The Franchise Life site.

Story From Franchise Times:


How Daniel Castellini Realized his True Calling

daniel-castellini-liberty-tax-profileRetire by 40:

It seems as if life-changing moments only happen when an A-list actor is on the 22 ft x 52ft screen in an exotic location, alongside an even more exotic companion. However, Daniel Castellini had one of these awe-inspiring moments when he opened a Wall Street Journal left in his seat when traveling

“if I wanted to retire in my 40’s, and really enjoy my life there was no way I was going to do it by remaining within the confines of corporate America alone.” Said Daniel, a former division manager for Coca-Cola Company.  “I knew I needed to invest my talents and time into other forms of cash flows.  Most of the research I had conducted boaster the success rates of franchises vs start-up companies, which seemed more closely aligned with my risk tolerance.”

A Dream finds it road:

Then Lo and behold, staring up at him from the inner pages of the Business Section of the Wall Street Journal, conveniently left in his seat, was an advertisement for Liberty Tax Service looking for new franchisees. Daniel took this as a sign, contacted Liberty Tax Service and met with John Hewitt.

“I instantly connected with the company ideals”. said Daniel Castellini.

“Be the CEO of your business, leverage the labors of other, learn to delegate and execute were all things I thoroughly believed in.  I was Also Instantly taken by the culture of the company and knew it was the right place for me.”

The Journey of Professional Success:

For the last 10 years, Daniel Castellini has worked as a Liberty Tax franchisee and titled a Top Gun every year. He oversees 12 Liberty Tax offices and has approximately 175 employees during the tax season, which was a major change from his corporate position.

“Owning my own business and being a part of the unique and unmatched culture has truly changed my outlook and understanding about what is possible in both my life and Business,” Said Daniel Castellini.  “ This experience has changed every aspect of my life, from shattering simple beliefs I have carried from childhood to the exposure of successful people their similarities as well as their differences in philosophies.” Daniel Castellini has come to the solid conclusion that evaluation of self, business, and those who surround you can help reposition your direction and move you toward your desired outcome.

Freedom From Money = Time!

I have spent a number of my years trying to reach a point in my life where money was no longer a concern, and I have finally reached it,” said the father of 2. “ for now my goals consist of growing my existing operation, improving our level of service, increasing our referral business and consummating my existing organization to thrive and grow with limited interaction from myself.”

This last decade for Daniel Held Many Magic Move Moment, as well as personal ones that have helped him realize his abilities, vision and impact as a franchisee and Top Gun.

“ You Will never succeed if you do not believe you can,” said Daniel Castellini, when describing his philosophy toward his new found passion and business outlook. “The rest is a matter of execution and exemplifying your confidence to others.  People need to trust the person they follow and know that they will lead them down the correct path. Remember, you are more than a CEO, you are a leader.”

Dan Castellini In The News:

Liberty Tax Multi System Owner Operator:

dan-castellini-liberty-tax-franshisesDaniel Castellini, Liberty Tax Franchisee Talks openly about the difficulties of Multi-Unit ownership.

It seems as though it was just so fresh in Daniels mind as he closed his eyes and sat quietly for a minute when I asked him to take us back to the day when he chose to go from one Liberty Tax Area to 4. " Well it was the scariest thing I think I have done to this day in my career," I believed beginning my very first franchise at the age of 26 was scary up until I chose just 6 months later that I was going to open 4 more the list below the year." Luckily, Castellini states" I had a great franchisor who had actually helped hundreds of others do this very same thing countless times." That provided Daniel great comfort knowing that he had a group of well-experienced leaders to guide and assist him prep for exactly what would turn out to be just the start of a decade of development.

Being Prepared, Seek Insight from individuals have done what you will do:

" I remember asking the CEO John Hewitt, How in the world am I going to control exactly what goes on in 5 places at the exact same time?" He recalls the CEO who always select his words sensibly recalling and saying." well there are 2 huge errors that I have actually seen franchisees make when expanding,

1. Owners concentrate on the very first location. (it's their baby and they can' t seem to let it go).

They provide it more attention than it requires which denies the new places of the attention they require. This is exactly the opposite of what you must do. You need to trust the personnel at the very first website to do their task after all if you developed it right the previous year( s) then you need not stress, they currently know the best ways to run it simply fine.

2. Delegation is the Greatest disease dealing with most business executives today.

Train and manage your team, do not ever appoint yourself a duty with-in the company. Do not Ever put yourself on a schedule. Permit yourself the liberty to concentrate on the business and end up being a great leader/ CEO.

As he leans back in his chair, Daniel Castellini states in an animated voice. Daniel confesses he was more than a little nervous about the endeavor that it turned out that along with strong preparation and planning the guidance was sound recommendations.

Read Books by authors that have in fact done it:.

" I had just got done reading the E-Myth Revisited By: Michael Gerber which unusually enough resounded much of exactly what John had actually just shown me." The book has to do with an entrepreneur that is terrific at baking so chooses to open a bakeshop. The book lays out the issue the Bakeshop had once it got so popular that the owner might not stay up to date with the needs of a growing business due to the fact that the baker would not permit anybody else to bake because that was Her specialty. Ultimately the bakery failed. The moral if the story focuses on delegation and management, precisely what John had actually shared, recalled Castellini.

Daniel recalls entering into that tax season a well ready but a ball of nerves. Not only was he going thru was is touted as the most difficult shift in franchising growing from one to numerous locations. All the while he still had his dedication to his business profession which Dan was devoted to still give 100% .

Perform, Adjust and examine:.

Everything turned out well and good for Daniel Castellini, He recalls going to the yearly Liberty Tax Service Convention that year and getting many awards for Development, Culture & Leadership." Recalling now the advice I was provided by Liberty Tax Service leadership was spot on. Growing from your first location to your second still acts as one of the most difficult experiences to this day in my Franchisee Profession!".
Refining Systems & Processes:.

Daniel Castellini Liberty Tax Service Franchisee:.

From the very start of his franchise experience, this gave him convenience. Daniel remembers John likewise constantly said & usually just after saying just follow the system, "But the majority of everyone does not do it, they do not listen to their moms and dads, their advisors, the therapists heck individuals won't even listen to God, so I understand they will not listen to me when I say follow the system".

" I remember just believing in myself well if that's all it takes, I'm going to shut off 1/2 of my brain and simply follow the plan." Said Dan Castellini.

You can contact Daniel Castellini over the phone or through his online profiles: