Dahon Bikes

Guaranteed Lowest Price on Any Dahon Bike

We are an authorized Dahon distributor.  Our business began by supplying our Sports Car customers with bikes that would fit in their car's small trunks (e.g., Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes SLK, BMW Z3, Z4, Z8, etc.)

However, we soon learned that customers with larger cars did not like putting bike racks on their cars and leaving their valuable bikes vulnerable to theft of the entire bike or even theft of parts of their bikes.

Additionally, owners of larger vehicles wanted the ability to transport several bikes inside their cars without taking up too much space (e.g., bikes for mom, dad, and the kids.) These Dahon bikes fold into such small packages even owners of larger cars and SUVs appreciated their "packability."

We also have customers with limited indoor space.  These Dahons fold small enough to stow conveniently in hall closets or tucked out of the way in apartment corners.

Their super rapid foldability makes them perfect for commuters who want to ride to the train or bus station but who don't want to carry a traditional. Heavy and bulky bike.These bikes fold into small sweet bundles and you can even purchase a bag so you can take them with you on public transportation without also appearing to have a bike with you!

These bikes are also high-performance machines that look great.  From personal experience, these bikes draw more attention in Beverly. Hills are then driving a Ferrari!   (I know this from own experience!)

These folders can be ridden over rough terrain, from NYC to trails, or choose a high-speed road bike.  There's a Dahon for every type of rider.

Of course, with gas hitting $5 a gallon in California and on the rise everywhere else in the USA, It's hard to beat a fast bike that uses zero gas, emits zero harmful
emissions and which provides its rider with excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Get your exercise, run your errands, help the environment and save your gas money!  Give a Dahon a try, and you'll see why Dahon is the most significant manufacturer of folding bikes in the World.