How to fix sleep mode issue on Dell computers

Is your computer not waking up? Is it in sleep mode for so long? Are you unable to do anything? Then you are surely reading the right blog. Here you will get to know about fixing the issue of Dell computers that are not coming out of sleep mode. You can take help from the Dell customer care number 1-800-234-6190 for quick resolution of the issue with the help of a trained team of technicians.

Dell computers are known for their best performance. But at certain times, users of this company computers deal with some technical disturbances like overheating issues, hardware issues or sometimes incorrect settings also lead to the computer go in deep sleep. This usually occurs when you forget using the device after putting it into sleep mode. But this issue is quite rectifiable and you can perform the troubleshooting steps to get the solution. But before that, you must identify the basic causes behind this problem.

Causes of sleep mode in Dell computers:

The BIOS that has been installed on your computer can be reducing the power Bluetooth issues The keyboard item in control panel is not configured to wake the computer Hardware issue The sleep key on your computer is configured incorrectly

Solution to the sleep mode issue:

Install the current software for your device and verify its configuration Try alternative keys, mouse buttons or the power button on your keyboard

Once you will understand the main causes that are leading to the computer going into sleep mode then you will be able to apply the possible solutions as per the requirements. Even if you face any issue, then it is recommended to reach out to Dell tech support number that stays online 24 hours of the day. The team of experts who are well versed with the issues related to Dell products, sort the issue in minimum time.


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  • Verify that your device is allowed to wake the computer
  • Examine the BIOS settings of your computer for power features that disable or reduce power to ports that are used for your keyboard or mouse