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Dell Printer Error Code 016-370

Dell is one of the famous brands which deals with computers, laptops, printers, tablets, and others. The demand for Dell products is increased because of great performance, speed, advanced security and design, best customer service. But being famous and widely used doesn’t mean that it has zero faults in it. Dell products also have some errors and problems which can be fixed by getting in touch with Dell customer service 1-800-234-6190 who are online at all times. The certified executives will overcome all the issue witnessed by users in a fraction of time.

Dell Printer Error Code 016-370

Currently, Dell printer is the leader among all other available printers. Users of Dell printer all over the world faces some complication while using it. These errors can be printing issue, connectivity issue, driver issue or many more. One such issue is Error Code 016-370 with a message asking the user to restart the printer. It will hamper your task of printing by coming over and over again.

How to fix Dell Printer Error Code 016-370

It is important to have complete knowledge about the error code and then only anyone be it professional or laymen can solve this error by following quick and easy steps:

Restart the printer

Step 1: Turn off the printer and then remove all the connected cables. Then reconnect it properly

Step 2: After 10-second turn on the printer

Step 3: Check to see if the error is still there or not.


Step 1: After pressing the MENU button, select Configure from the drop-down list

Step 2: Then select ‘Maintenance’ from the list

Step 3: Go down to ‘Initialize NVRAM’ and select it

Step 4: Click yes when printer ask ‘Are you sure’ in order to proceed further

Step 5: And at last restart the printer

If you are having a problem while performing this step as directed then you always reach Dell tech support number which is available all day long i.e. 24x7 irrespective of time and location to solve the query. The team experts who have complete knowledge of printer will diagnose the problem first and accordingly will deliver the resolution.



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