Downlight GU10 MR16 Fixture

The cost of this analysis will be deducted in full from your purchase order at the time of your equipment purchase. One of the many consultative support services we perform is lighting code and dark sky research. All of our wall pack fixtures are manufactured in the USA, and the majority of these lights have multi tap ballasts that operate at 120, 208, 277, and 480 volts.Wall packs are compact, commercial lights that mount on the side of the wall of a building. RLLD Commercial Lighting also carries a full range of additional wattages, including the popular 400 watt high pressure sodium wall pack fixture, and specialty wattages in 35, 70, 100, 175, and 250 watts.

If you are serious about doing business with us, we will find out if the full details of the lighting regulations in your clients area and inform you of which wall pack fixtures you can and cannot install on their building. All of our wall pack lighting fixtures feature some sort of energy efficiency. In areas where dark sky laws strictly forbid illumination from rising above the roof of the building, these fixtures are ideal security lights that simultaneously keep your client in full compliance with lighting regulatory codes. Call RLLD Commercial Lighting. This can be an invaluable selling point for you when you are dealing with a LED Panel Light client on a tight budget, such as a non profit, a school, a church, or a government building. Fluorescents are another good light source in areas that are very concerned about light pollution. None of our equipment is made overseas, and none of the manufacturers we represent have bound us to exclusive agreements or sales quotas. A wall pack is made of cast aluminum housing, a ballast compartment, a chamber that contains the lamp, and a glass refractor lens that distributes illumination. If you do not know what the lighting regulations are in your clients community, do not waste time tracking down city officials or attorneys. They diffuse the light to softer levels that are easier on the eyes but nonetheless maintain an effective, even spread of illumination around the building.

Most contractors prefer 175 watt metal halide wall packs because of the intense white light they produce and the excellent security lighting they provide to corporations and industrial facilities. Each contractor who does business with us also receives a full photometric analysis of the clients site to help determine foot candle requirements, fixture placement locations, mounting options, the number of fixtures, and the most appropriate type of lamp to use. This means when you come to us to find the right wall pack fixture for your client, you find the right wall pack fixturenot the one we have been told to sell by the end of the month. As most contractors already know, commercial wall packs are the most popular outdoor lighting flood lights in commercial lighting today. Even though the expense of new lights may be a bit scary to them, the added security that motion controlled wall packs can offer their building can help buffer their property value against losses far greater than a purchase order. With the advent of new quartz restrike technology in MH wall pack fixtures, they can now be wired to motion sensors and illuminate the entire building when a possible intrusion is detected. We also have a good many wall packs with fluorescent lamps designed to slash operating costs for Spartan clients. Zero site line wall packs feature forward throw optics and solid tops that prevent the light from shining into the sky. Working with RLLD Commercial Lighting gives you access to multiple options from multiple American manufacturers. Another wall pack fixture we are beginning to sell more and more of is the zero site line wall pack. You see a great deal of these now in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.