Ed Picardi Last Week in Africa Working

Dear friends and colleagues,

I expect you are all doing well. I'm now in my final week here in Africa. It's been a long term starting in Liberia. I've done about 150 surgeries while at Africa of types. OB, GYN, orthopedics and urologic cases have been probably more common than what is considered in the countries as general surgery cases but like I said before that is exactly what real general surgery had always been.

There have been many, many excellent successes. The burned little girl is completing all the grafting and ought to be able to move home in another week. Your prayers as well as Our Lord's obvious intervention played a far greater role than we did. Her success could have been questionable even in a complex burn centre from the states.

Dr Ed Picardi The 15 year old with the perforated uterus is looking fairly well andagain along with your prayers and His intervention, can most likely retain what is left of her uterus and one leg. With the ministry that she receives while here there is hope that she'll listen to and change her entire life. Her capacity to get pregnant is in Our Lord's handson.

We amputated the boy's legagain. His entire body continues to granulate decent tissue which is now sticking with the part of the bone which is not viable. He still smiles at all of us and waves. He tolerates the dressing table changes without sedation, and it has won the hearts of the whole staff.

There's still much work to be done before I return to be with Sandy whom I miss tremendously. But, it really isn't on the range of operations. It consistently remains about the spirituality of this job. That's what attracts me here. Let me offer an example.

This week I removed a enormous thyroid mass from a wonderful elderly lady. Before starting operation, even as we always dowe jumped. As soon as I discharged I first told her I wanted to beg for her. She had been quite grateful that the enormous neck lump was gone but when she told me she thanked me for her, not to its surgery. That is why is coming here worthwhile.

The spiritual healing can be an integral part of the bodily healing process here. As you missionary doctor thought if you ask me personally, if you would like 't heal the soul, all you have is a whole lot of men and women in hell together with mended hernias. It's such a tragedy that so many individuals in the nations have lost sight of that.

I need to thank all of you for your wonderful prayers and encourage. Without both I couldn't have come here. I believe that when you provided some financial support your funds went to some excellent reason and helped touch the lives and spirits of many, most people. Thanks so much to each one of you in making it possible.

Most sincerely,

Your buddy and colleague

Dr Ed Picardi , M.D.