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Is there anything more initially confusing or counterproductive than staring at a computer screen wondering where to start with strange concepts like search engine PPC (pay-per-click) or Google keyword tools? Like many others, you may wish that you could find straight answers; more, you probably wish that the tools, concepts, and ideas could be self explanatory.

Keyword tool dominator I will discuss/explain these concepts and tools so you may apply them to your website and business.

The secrets to search engine PPC (more properly referred to as Search Engine Optimization or SEO) and any Google keyword tool are actually just a set of practices that will more clearly define who you are on the world wide web and help accelerate sales and profit of your business or website.

When you launch a website you should have researched what meta data would best bring your pages to the attention of the searcher. Whether the prospective buyer is searching from Bing, Yahoo, or Google the same data applies. Bear in mind that each of your web pages should be optimized in such a way that it contains the particular meta data set related to what you want that page to do. What is meta data:

As a Refresher, Meta Data is

Page Title

Pager Header Title

Page Description

Page keywords

Page Tags

Page categories

In actuality, many pieces of data can be considered meta data, it simply depends on the granularity of the data that is used to "ID" a site. There is no need to get hung up on what is or what isn't meta data as long as you understand the basics above.

It seems to be a common belief that a website has meta data, as opposed to individual pages having their own. This is both wrong and right.

If your website is about cars and each page represents a different make and model, then you would want your meta data to be reflective of those individual cars. This is necessary to "pull" individual search engine queries to the right pages on your site. Naturally, some of your meta data related to cars in general would be present on each page as well. But don't forget: in order to bring targeted traffic to individual pages you should optimize each page for that specific car.