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Bosch 5312 12-Inch Dual Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw Review

The Bosch 5312 12-Inch Dual Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw features easy-to-get right of entry to controls, a broad base with extensions, crown molding settings, and a twin sliding rail design.

Pros of the Bosch 5312

The Bosch 5312 is a top-notch saw, suitable for various jobs and substances. From crown molding to more significant elements, the saw gives top notch accuracy and simplicity of use. The bevel and miter settings are clean to regulate with the assist of its efficient design, presenting controls on the front of the saw for short changes and adjustments. This excellent and flexible saw is praised with the aid of each owner and specialists, who discover it to be a reliable, long-lasting, and reliable tool.

If paired with the miter saw stand, it's miles fantastically easy to move, load, and dump. However, it works great as a static piece of the device within the workshop or on the job site. It is heavy and sturdy yet perfectly correct and instantly. Not handiest does it offer nice professional cuts; it's far remarkably clean to apply and to set up. This versatile saw will deal with any mission, from framing and cabinetry to trim and to mold. With integrated stops for correct angles on crown molding, this saw makes the most difficult of responsibilities brief and ideal.

Cons of the Bosch 5312

The Bosch 5312 is a massive, massive saw, and as such requires a tremendous quantity of area inside the workshop or at the job site. Its form is awkward, and, without a stand, it is hard to hold. For its charge, some buyers might expect extra bells and whistles, like a laser. It does have infrared strains, but they may be difficult to see. Other flaws consist of a flat first-class stock blade and a poorly placed manage. While the saw is ready with marks and forestalls, a few marks are thick, making them tough to read when cutting unique angles; moreover, some users discover the adjustments greater complicated than the instructions imply.

Finally, the saw's longtime pleasant has been known as into query, with a few reports of random noise after long time use.

Final Opinion at the Bosch 5312

Overall, the Bosch 5312 is an excessive first-rate, extended permanent, correct system. While some shoppers find specific details to be missing, along with the mark delineations or the take care of the place, the saw's work quality saw is top notch. It is heavy and big. However, it handles almost any process and any size fabric without difficulty and with precision. Those purchasing this saw are likely to need to buy a stand to accompany it, as its weight and length make it hard to move or load without the resource of a position.

Easy to installation and to begin the use of, although it would need a few simple alignment, this saw is similarly useful for the house owner or the expert, providing an excessive first-rate miter saw appropriate for a wide range of jobs and substances. Its built-in marks and prevents make tough tasks more comfortable, and its up-front controls permit for quick modifications and changes, reducing the time required for many roles.

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