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Migrate NSF file to PST file 

NSF (.nsf) is the file format in which mail is reclaimed in IBM Lotus Notes Servers. Similarly, Microsoft Transfer Computer stores mail in PST (.pst) file information. 

There are certain occasions when Lotus Notes users requirement to move their mailboxes to Commerce Computer due to positive reasons.


Few specified reasons can be:

    Organizational Alteration - Your system is shifting from Lotus Notes to MS Turn Server.
    Job Change - You were using Lotus Notes in your old militia and need to exact your expensive mails to the new spot where you bed to use MS Outlook.
    Support Purport - Can Convert your Lotus Notes mail into a PST file and have it as a approving for easily using it with MS Outlook anywhere in upcoming.


In any of the above situations, This NSF to PST Converter usefulness helps in converting all your mailboxes in *.nsf files into operational *.pst files. The software 

is extremely soul and finishes the salvation growth in few comfortable steps.


Steps to Exchange Lotus Notes .nsf file to .pst

    Run This NSF to PST Converter. The principal programme of the software opens as beneath. Stop the 'Select NSF' to select .NSF file from its activity or stop'Bump 

NSF' add to search for NSF file within a specialized folder. Click 'Act Salvation' to commence the transmutation noesis.