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Save Money On Quality Portable Staging Manufactured In The UK

Renting a portable stage can be a costly endeavour. However, by investing time to research companies or make adjustments to the planned event before renting, it may be possible to lessen the overall expense.

Shop Around When is renting a portable stage it can be helpful to receive quotes from several different companies. Many companies offer different prices, and often some companies charge higher rates than others do. Certain companies offer nationwide delivery; this allows you to expand your search to beyond local companies only. Look for companies that do not charge extra for services or products such as border edging, delivery, assembly, and pick up. It is essential to receive several quotes before deciding on one company to ensure you are getting the lowest rate.


If the event requires an outdoor portable stage, reconsider the location if possible. Outdoor portable stages are frequently the most expensive flooring option as they are designed to withstand the rigours of the weather. It may also help save money to avoid uneven terrain when choosing the spot for the events portable stage; ground that is uneven usually requires additional materials and longer installation time which is likely to incur higher costs.  

Install The Portable Stage Yourself

Several portable stage options offer do it yourself assembly; these staging types may be cheaper than the rental companies that provide assembly and disassembly of the portable stage for their clients. It is essential to recall that many of the stage available for doing it yourself assembly is not as formal or elegant as those that are professionally installed. It may also be possible to lower costs by making your event less formal and opting for a affordable type of portable stage

Choose Wood Cover over Real Wood Flooring

You can save money by choosing to use a portable stage with a wood laminate finish, such as teak or oak parquet styles, rather than real hardwood. By using this style, you can still maintain the formality of the event by providing the same appearance and feel of real hardwood without the extra cost. Wood laminate portable stages are less expensive because they are easier to assemble and lighter in weight.

Build Your Own Stage

If you have the time and energy to do so, building your own portable stage is less expensive than renting a portable one. There are many resources available that provide step by step guidance for individuals who are building a temporary stage; sources recommend using recycled materials as they are the cheapest and are also environmentally friendly. Building instructions guide individuals in fitting and finishing custom made sections and recommend that the sections should be light enough to carry easily. Different measurements and guidelines are available for different floor sizes.

There are several ways to save money when renting a portable stage potentially. Taking time to research several companies before choosing one may allow you to get the lowest price. Building your own portable stage rather than renting one can also save money but will require time and energy.

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